General Guidelines
We accept submissions throughout the year.

Email submissions should be accompanied by a brief description of the work and any other relevant information. Snail-mail submissions should be accompanied by a SASE and a cover letter. Upon acceptance for publication, an electronic version (RTF, GIF, JPEG) of the work will be requested.

Query us first if you desire to submit essays, reviews, or art.

The New Journal holds to no particular editorial bias beyond quality of work; we are open to any and all submissions as long as they can be presented in an electronic environment. Editorial decisions are, as with all publications, subsequent to the whims and desires of our staff, so we reserve the right to exclude or remove any work.

Replies will be made as quickly as possible. The New Journal does not currently pay for publication(s).

3 to 5 poems
one short story, or 3 to 5 short-shorts