Zane Ivy
To A Korean Artist
somebody's good ideas
the world as it lives
simpler - your belief system breasts
shape my thoughts
here I watch your lips
you express your doubt.
your thin arms' trust
wonders my eyes

"it's all in the nuances" you say
with French accent and
the nuance on your brow
tells me now
space is
infinite in its narrowness

feelings burn into smoke
or, glide across the tongue

garlic stems steeped
in a sauce that becomes
the tingle between our skins

and then as words have
mingled across this idea
of a table
of a sidewalk
of a cab
we mingle here, intertwine
for a brief belief before
we slip off in different minds.

Zane Ivy is originally from Texas. He now lives in Korea where he teaches, paints, performs, writes, and coordinates the Seoul Artists' Network, a group of predominately expat artists/musicians/writers living in Korea. He misses Texican food.
All contents copyright The New Journal, 2001.