Rochelle Hope Mehr
Two Poems
Also read "The Underbelly" by Rochelle Hope Mehr.
After Two Months of Accompanying My Parents
Through Their Hospitalizations

I can't just bounce from event to event
Without trying to make sense of the sequence
But nothing orderly or meaningful
Emerges from the blur
Of white coats and IV's and stethoscopes
And stents and fine needle probes
Lumpectomies, endoscopies, hemicolectomies -
It's all a blur of white noise, a wish-wash
I cannot imbibe.

I'm thankful to leave the hospital
In one piece -

Looking and Doing

There are two kinds of people:
the people looking and the people doing.

The people doing are always looking
suspiciously at the people looking.

The people looking lick their wounds
and climb the closest tree.

I've wound myself tightly
around many maypoles.

I've tried to spring into action,
to leap into being.

But I always end up
relearning the same lesson:

Your place is here -
Don't budge

Rochelle Hope Mehr 's poetry has appeared in various print and online publications including The Bayou Review, Comrades e-zine,Wired Art from Wired Hearts, Ibbetson Street Press, Blood and Fire Review, and Fauquier Poetry Journal. You can also find her poem "The Underbelly" here, at
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