Thomas Yuill
The air is hot, it whispers, it has lips.
It whispers like good news...THREE BEERS ARE COLD.
She lumbers for one more. "Goddammit, where'd she go?"
he thinks, but turns and thinks, "Oh, THERE she is."

He's siting by her on the floor with lime-
peels, open tubes of paint; some Jonathon
Richman's playing. One of them's been painting.
Dos Equis are being knocked back. He finds

he knows where she is. She sees him. It's summer,
they're on the floor. The music's like good news.
"I get a facial tic when I drink too
much Coke," he says. "Each time I brush

my teeth I think about Wisconsin," she nods.
They whisper, purse their lips, it's all good news.

Thomas Yuill is from northern Texas, though he now resides in Boston, Mass., where he teaches literature and creative writing at Boston University. He came there by way of Norfolk, Virginia, where received a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. He has given numerous readings and published widely.
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