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Events and Readings

In Houston, Texas

Support your local independent bookstore.

Without independent booksellers, many writers wouldn't be writing and those who are lucky enough to make a living by the craft wouldn't have readers enough to do so. The best books wouldn't make it in the market, if only because the large stores serve a herd mentality. They aim at the Mc-reader.

Independent booksellers support their communities and bring to the literary life unique homes for thought and encounter with new works. Unlike the majority of staff members at the megastores, independent booksellers know about books they sell. They're professionals who work in a trade that requires as much craft as the production of the literary art and a willingness to endure more pain.

Give them respect and give them your business. For more information about independent bookstores, contact the American Booksellers Association.

Conferences and Literary Festivals

Houston Poetry Fest
In Houston, Texas


Brazos Bookstore
Houston, Texas

Wichita, Kansas

Prince Books
Norfolk, Virginia

Elliot Bay Books

The Tattered Cover
Denver, Colorado

Washington, DC

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