Powahatan Review
Norfolk, Virginia

A small journal, it's a labor of love and the babies birthed twice a year collect work that's well worth reading.

The New Journal believes in the value of the printed word, virtually and on paper. The TNJ Magazine Stand represents a number of small literary journals the editorial staff thinks you ought to know about and provides information on subscriptions, recent issues and submissions.

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A Fine Madness
Seattle, Washington

Fine, wild, wonderful - it hasn't been the easiest magazine to find.

The Beloit Poetry Journal
Lamoine, Maine

They've published everyone - or nearly everyone.

American Literary Review
Denton, Texas

The University of North Texas at Denton has the other writing program in Texas. Graduate students have a large role in the editorial development of the magazine, and the work is surprizing, strong and if you don't read ALR you ought to be flogged.

Skanky Possum
Austin, Texas

Home-grown, they've been known to make their covers by hand, in ink, crayon or whatever happens to be available. They also have a mighty fine home on the web.

New York, New York

They're not new any more, but Rebecca Wolff and her editorial staff have a sense of what's now and what's good.

Coyote Magazine
Houston, Texas

An online journal built by Radames Ortiz.

The Bayou Review
Houston, Texas

Two years ago The Bayou Review underwent a major transformation. It's still small, but production has improved and the magazine has much more pleasure to offer than its size would belie.

Gulf Coast
Houston, Texas

Published by the University of Houston and edited by graduate students in the UH Creative Writing Program, their editorial decisions are smarter than most and the production quality is very high.

Tar River Poetry
Greenville, North Carolina

Based in Greenville, North Carolina, the editorial view is anything but provencial. Peter Makuck has kept the journal going for many years and has brought to readers many of the world's finest writers.

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