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American Literary Review
Lee Martin, Fiction Editor
Bruce Bond, Poetry Editor

ALR is published twice a year, in the spring and fall, by the Creative Writing Program of the University of North Texas. Editorial readers are students in the graduate writing program at UNT.

Recent Issues included work by

Kristi Dalven
John Isaacs
Patricia o'Donnell
Joan Leegant
Ginny MacKenzie
Chad Davidson
Deborah Ager
Melissa Range
Geoffrey Brock
Robert Cording
John Jenkinson

ALR welcomes submissions of previously unpublished poetry, short fiction and creative nonfiction. The editors suggest a limit of five poems, one story, or one essay. They read work from September 1 through May 1, and submissions received outside the reading period will be returned unread.

Address all correspondence to:

American Literary Review
University of North Texas
P. O. Box 311307
Denton, Texas 76203-1307

Visit ALR on the web at

Subscriptions for individuals are $10 a year or $5 for single issues, plus $1 for postage and handling in the US ($2 outside the US).

Institutional subscriptions are $25 a year.

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