Ken Deifik
Still Life with
Plummeting Refrigerator
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Still Life with Plummeting Refrigerator
Candid Camera Boulevard

Washington to Escargot

A subatomic particle passes through a Shirelle
Who is, herself, moving at the speed of light
In a Star Trek episode in a parallel universe
Where they don't call it Star Trek.

The Shirelle of Happiness
Flies about in a loop-de-loop
While she reads a poem
By a poet of the Algonquin J. Calhoun School.

The Shirelle Marines have landed
On Rockaway Beach.
It is not the real Rockaway Beach,
But the Shirelle one.

Johnny Cash was once a Shirelle.
You were once a Chiffon.
Crosby, Stills and Nash were once a Shirelle.
You were never a Chiffon.

I'll have those eggs Shirelled,
Says a guy who just loves sugar on his eggs.
He is alone except for a single atom of the Not-him
To whom he is making this request.

I have encrypted the word Shirelle
Using the password Shirelle.
Now it is my secret
And never shall I tell.

The Shirelles choose up sides.
One potato two potato.
They eat the potatoes.
One side wins.

I have encrypted the word Shirelle
Because it is so "rhymey."
Now it is a virtual rhyme.
It is the Shirelle of virtual rhymes.

A Korean minister has married a stadium full of Shirelles.
He takes them all home to meet his mother.
The mother kills the son and marries the Shirelles.
It is a great tragedy.

Ken Deifik iKen Deifik has read and performed at the Museum of Modern Art, the Philadelphia Art Institute, St. Marks Church, Beyond Baroque and the Mudd Club. His poetry has appeared in Ear Magazine and Barney. Lucio Pozzi published his book The Focus Puller in 1983. He was co-publisher of The Poetry Mailing List. Los Angeles composer Joyce Lightbody adapted his poetry for a choral composition. An installation of his poems was presented at PS1 in New York in 1979. Mr. Deifik created and was lead writer on the 'Inside Out' television series for Propaganda Films.

Mr. Deifik is also a musician. He has recorded and performed with Laurie Anderson, Bob Holman, Kenward Elmslie, Kathy Acker, Andy Statman, Marty Robbins, The Love Of Life Orchestra, Lawndale and Constance DeJong, among many others. Phillip Glass wrote his only harmonica music, "Lucy's Music" for him in 1977. In 1999 he composed and performed the music for Patrick Fraley's books-on-tape version of Huckleberry Finn. Mr. Deifik's CD "Big Fat Car Music for Harmonica and Guitar" will be available in the autumn of 2001.

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