Richard Davis
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Spanking Emily Dickenson

My girlfriend gets as ornery as can be,
in moods so foul, our dog deserts the room;
she makes the songbirds stop their April tune
when she growls, the lioness, and glares at me.
I used to keep the television on,
slowly look up, a blank ball-game haze
with a half-question-nothing?-I had done,
seem perplexed awhile, try to rephrase
the question, as if she didn't understand
the origin of her malady,
but then our stainless toaster-hot-hit me.
She smiled, as if I didn't understand.
So now, those angry days, I gently kiss
her two tight lips before she starts to hiss.
Richard Davis is pursuing a PhD in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of North Texas, in Denton.
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